Cemetery from Al Andalus and Roman remains found in Ronda

by Lorraine Williamson
Al Andalus

Excavations in the southern Spanish city of Ronda have uncovered a cemetery from Al Andalus. In addition, human remains dating back to Roman times have been found. Pottery has also been discovered.

The Ronda City Council has announced that it is in the final phase of the archaeological excavations that are being carried out in the area around the future car park. This one will be located in the San Francisco district.

Remains of great value

As the person in charge of this research explained to Mayor María de la Paz Fernández during a visit to the area, “the remains found so far are of great value for the demographic analysis of the inhabitants of Ronda in the time of Al Andalus and Roman times.

The research into the remains will provide more historical and general information, and say more about the gender and age. And, for example, about the type of diet, which can be deduced from the state of the teeth.

Cogesa Expats

Cemetery, pottery and household objects

In addition to the Al Andalus cemetery and human remains, fragments of pottery and other ceramic and household objects have also been found in the area. Probably due to the presence of ovens in the area occupied by the parking lot.

The construction of this is already significantly behind the dates initially announced. This is due to the research on these important remains found in the area.

Since the beginning of the excavations, the archaeologists of the municipality have carried out several excavations at different places in the area. They were accompanied and monitored by officials from the Delegation of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga. The excavations are required by law due to the location of the plot. This is located near a cultural heritage and in the historic centre.

In the current phase, in addition to two archaeologists and an anthropologist, two construction workers are at work. They carry out manual work in the areas where the finds with this great historical value were made.

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