Car rental prices in Spain have significantly decreased

by Lorraine Williamson
car rental prices

MADRID – A recent study has shown that car rental prices in various European cities in 2023 have decreased by an average of 15.4%. However, the five-year trend indicates that prices have still increased by 60.7% since 2019.

Last year, the average rental price for a small car in Europe was €108 per day. This year that amount has decreased to €91. Remarkably, even though there’s a decrease this year, the total price increase over a five-year period is still significant. 

This research from, based on data from, mainly focused on popular holiday destinations, islands, and port cities, including 7 places in Spain. Based on this data, holidaymakers can make an informed choice between renting a car locally or bringing their own vehicle, especially when travelling by ferry. 

Although car rental prices have risen significantly in recent years – an increase of 132% over the previous five years – the current slowdown in price growth to 60.7% is a positive sign for renters. 

But how much do you actually pay for renting a small car for a day? How much more do you pay for a rental car now than around 5 years ago? The study looked at the average daily price of a (small) rental car in the high season (June, July, and August over the past 5 years). 

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Car rental prices in Spain 

The study offers good news for those planning a vacation in Spain. The average price decrease compared to last year in the 7 Spanish cities included in the study is 31.33%. So, you pay almost a third less than a year ago. 

The study looked at the cities of Barcelona, Bilbao, Ibiza-town, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Santander, and Valencia. The daily rental price dropped least in Málaga by 35.4% to €72.69 and most in Bilbao by 37% to €65.58. 

The daily prices for the other 5 Spanish cities are as follows: Palma de Mallorca €68.89, Santander €72.69, Valencia €61.87, Ibiza-town €79.12, and Barcelona €73.18. 

Looking at the price difference compared to 2019, the daily rental price for a car has increased the most in Ibiza-town by 80.9% and the least in Bilbao by 40.5%. The price difference is also very large in Palma de Mallorca with 79.4% and Santander with 74.7%. 

Some other findings from the study 

  • The average car rental prices compared to 2022 have decreased by 15.4% 
  • In Dutch cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, prices dropped by 25% and 29%, respectively, resulting in an average daily rate of €82 
  • Car rental prices over the past 5 years (2019 – 2023) have nevertheless increased by an average of 60.7% 
  • France recorded a decrease of 11% in rental price compared to last year 
  • The UK shows a decrease of almost 9%, which amounts to a savings of €10 per day. However, compared to 2019 there is an increase of a whopping 102% 
  • Norway is an exception with a price increase of 6.5%, resulting in a daily rate of €120 for this year 
  • Dublin, Ireland, saw a sharp decrease of 44%, from €184 in 2022 to €103 in 2023 
  • If you rent a car for several days, you will be cheaper than the number of days you rent the car times the daily price. 

For a detailed look at all prices and data, click here. 

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