Book a car rental as soon as possible if you are planning a holiday in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
book a car rental in advance

MADRID – The Spanish consumer organisation OCU advises tourists to book a car as far in advance as possible for the summer. The decline in the supply of rental cars is felt again, just like in 2021. However, this time for a different reason. 

The OCU warns of a likely shortage of rental cars this summer. There were serious problems with this in 2021 with the pandemic as the reason. Therefore, this forced many companies to sell a large part of their fleet. 


This year, the consumer organisation considers it likely that tourists will again face difficulties in finding a rental car in Spain. This time, however, it will most likely be due to the lack of supply of microprocessors. This limits the possibility for rental companies to purchase new vehicles, according to a spokesperson for the federation of car rental companies. 

Plan ahead when booking a rental car in Spain 

So to anticipate a potential shortage of rental cars this summer, the OCU recommends booking as soon as possible. Many brands offer flexible cancellation policies. For example, free of charge up to two days before the start of the rental, especially when this is done via the website. 

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Compare offers and prices 

In any case, before doing anything, it is advisable to compare prices between different rental companies (there are online comparators that facilitate this task) and request the pre-contract basic rental, with all the clauses and exceptions. 

In addition, the consumer organisation reminds you that you are not obliged to extend the coverage of compulsory basic insurance. Although it is advisable, given the number of accidents that occur… 

Rental car insurance: Look at the deductible 

According to an OCU survey of nearly 14,000 rental experiences, 7% of users report accidents while using the car. If you take out insurance, you should in any case check whether the deductible is not too high: a multi-risk insurance policy with a deductible of more than €1,000 is not unusual. 

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