Brit jumps out of window to avoid quarantine after positive Covid test

by Lorraine Williamson
positive Covid test before flight


TENERIFE – A  British holidaymaker has been forced to quarantine in a  Tenerife hotel after trying to fly back early to the UK following a positive Covid test.

The tourist, thought to be a minor, was stopped by police at the airport last week when he tried to board a flight home with his dad and grandfather. Police had been informed after the boy left a health centre via a window.  He had received a positive test result on his “fit to fly” document.


As a result, he is now under quarantine at a hotel in Tenerife. Furthermore, police say he made a deliberate attempt to avoid quarantine when he discovered he had tested positive for Covid-19. This has only become public knowledge now. Therefore, it is unclear whether the boy´s family have remained on the island or not.

Positive Covid test

According to UK publication, The Evening Standard, a spokesperson for Spain’s National Police in the island capital Santa Cruz confirmed: “National Police officers detected a British minor who was with his dad and grandfather as he tried to return to the UK after testing positive in a Covid antigen test.

Jumped out a window

“He was on holiday in the south of Tenerife and went to a health centre to do the test. When he was told he had tested positive, he fled the centre by jumping through a window. This prevented health officials from adopting the standard protocol in these cases.

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“The local airport authority was informed. And surveillance was established in an operation that involved the closure and monitoring of the airport entrances.

“Once the youngster had been picked up outside the airport, he was made to quarantine.  Furthermore, he was told he would have to stay in a room at the hotel for 10 days.

“Health and court officials and prosecutors have been informed of the situation.”

It is not clear if the boy would face a fine over his actions.

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