Better Late Than Never: DGT launches festive campaign urging responsible driving

by Lorraine Williamson
better late than never

In its annual holiday campaign, the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) reminds us that, no matter how important the journey (even Santa’s), what truly matters is arriving, even if it means being late. Because it is better later than never!

In this year’s radio campaign, the spotlight is on children advising Santa Clause not to rush to ensure he reaches every home. The campaign will unfold across various media platforms during the holiday season, including television, radio, print, digital media, social networks, cinema, and outdoor displays.

As is customary during this time of year, the DGT initiates its traditional awareness campaign emphasising the importance of responsible behaviour on the roads. With millions set to travel by road in the coming weeks to reunite with family and friends, the campaign underscores the need for prudence behind the wheel.

Santa´s journey

This year’s campaign focuses on one of the most crucial journeys of the season: Santa Clause’s expedition from his residence in Lapland to the eagerly awaiting homes of children worldwide.

However, Santa’s arrival is delayed, breaking the tradition of his timely visits on Christmas Eve. This unprecedented incident becomes headline news across all media outlets.

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Better late than never

Ultimately, with hours of delay, Santa Clause reaches the homes of children everywhere, imparting a crucial lesson: “Better late than never, even at Christmas.”

Infused with a friendly tone and playing on the excitement children feel when anticipating loved ones, the DGT once again emphasises the importance of adhering to traffic rules. Answering a call while driving, checking a message, having a drink, or exceeding speed limits are just a few actions that could jeopardise the joyful reunions of many families.

The campaign includes 30 second, 20 second, and 10second video clips for television, cinemas, and social media. Additionally, two radio spots feature children, Alexandra and Pepe, advising Santa Clause not to rush, emphasising the mantra that arriving late is preferable to not arriving at all. Outdoor, digital, and print media pieces have also been created.

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