DGT Christmas road safety campaign “the Christmases you couldn’t live”

by Lorraine Williamson
"the Christmases you couldn't live"

The DGT (Dirección General de Trafico) festive road safety awareness campaign for 2022 has created a photo album that in real life has not been possible to cherish, as one of the members of the family is no longer alive to share Christmas with his loved ones. The campaign is entitle, “the Christmases you couldn’t live”.

Thirty nine years ago, Martin lost his life in a traffic accident caused by a wreckless driver. Almost 40 years on, the emotional real life road safety campaign is told by Fanny, the daughter of Martin. She was just 6 years old at the time of his death.

“the Christmases you couldn’t live”

Fanny tells what it has been like to live with the absence of her father during all this time. Furthermore, she contemplates how life might have been as she looks through a photo album. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Martin has been added to these family festive memories over the years since his death.

In the very visual and emotional campaign, viewers are shown the family photo album of Martín. A family man, and father who was unable to enjoy all the Christmases that came after his death.

With this hard hitting campaign, the DGT wants to raise awareness about the direct and indirect consequences that traffic accidents have on the lives of all the people related to the victim.

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Reckless driver

Due to the recklessness of a driver, Martín, who at the time of the accident had 3 children and another on the way, could not be present in all the Christmas photos that his family has since taken over the years. Therefore, for this reason, the campaign, through photographic retouching with Artificial Intelligence, has created a fictitious photo album. This recounts all those Christmases that Martín could not enjoy. The album is based on real photos of his family.

Fanny tells the story of how she, her mother and her brothers have had to live with the absence of Martín throughout these years, inevitably wondering how things would be if his father had not died in that traffic accident.

Under the slogan “So that no one has to recreate the Christmas album that you could not live”, the campaign can be seen and heard until January 8 on television, radio, print media, digital media, social networks and cinema.

See below to open the photo album of “the Christmases you couldn’t live” because of a traffic accident.


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