At least 60% of corona patients in ICU Spain not vaccinated

by Lorraine Williamson
not vaccinated

MADRID – At least six in ten patients admitted to intensive care in Spain are not vaccinated. This is how the hospitals themselves conclude. With a vaccination rate of almost 90%, the Spanish health care system seems resistant to a possible new wave.

Unlike countries such as the Netherlands or Denmark, the Ministry of Health in Spain does not publish periodic data on the characteristics of admitted patients. Since October 13, the number of infections has also increased in Spain. A week and a half later, this increase in the number of infections translated into an increase in hospital admissions. What will happen in hospitals in the coming weeks will determine if the increase is only a temporary revival. Or whether Spain is facing a sixth corona wave. 

However, for the time being, the pressure on Spanish hospitals is acceptable. And the high vaccination rate ensures that many infected people stay out of the hospital. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health data published so far shows only a slight increase in hospital admissions. 

Spanish hospitals themselves come up with more information about corona patients 

As mentioned, the Ministry does not provide periodic data on the characteristics of ICU patients. The Spanish newspaper El País conducted its own investigation. And, at the request of the newspaper, hospitals in the Spanish regions (except in Asturias, Basque Country, and Aragón) shared their information. 

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This shows that just over 60% of the 447 people (number as of Wednesday) admitted to intensive care have not been vaccinated. According to a doctor from Valencia, their data also shows the chance of unvaccinated people ending up in intensive care is as much as 18.7 times higher than for vaccinated people. 

Majority of ICU patients in Spain between 40 and 70 years old 

The Carlos III Health Institute recently published data on which people end up in the ICU after an infection. The majority of ICU patients are between 40 and 70 years old. Although data shows that the virus mainly spreads among young people, it is mainly this age group that ends up in the ICU. 

Spanish hospitals have confidence in vaccine 

Doctors are therefore confident that the vaccination rate of 89% will ensure that the health care system will not be overloaded again. Currently, less than 2 percent of hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients and less than 5% of ICU beds. 

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