Arrests made in connection with attempted assassination on Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca

by Lorraine Williamson
attempted assassination arrests

Spanish National Police have apprehended three individuals believed to be linked to the attempted assassination of Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca. The arrests, which occurred a few days ago, involved two people in Lanjarón, Granada, and one in Fuengirola, Málaga.

While those arrested are not the actual perpetrators, authorities suspect their involvement in the planning and support of the shooting. The operation was led by the General Information Commissioner in collaboration with the Information Provincial Brigades of Madrid, Granada, and Málaga.

Attempted assassination arrests

The three suspects, two Spanish men, and a British woman, face charges of attempted murder with terrorist motives. The arrests were carried out simultaneously. Subsequent searches of their residences and vehicles yielded a trove of computer equipment, phones, and documents. Furthermore, these are all now under scrutiny by investigators.

Code-named “Operation Tercio,” the ongoing investigation is exploring multiple leads without ruling out any hypotheses. While the detainees have been implicated in providing logistical support to the as-yet-unapprehended perpetrator, the investigators are continuing to work to identify and locate the individual responsible for carrying out the act.


The meticulous planning of the assassination attempt has been unveiled during the course of the inquiry. It has been revealed that the suspects engaged in weeks of preparation, conducting surveillance on Vidal-Quadras, acquiring materials for the execution, and holding meetings in various parts of Spain.

One of the individuals arrested in Lanjarón, beyond logistical support, is believed to have actively participated in surveilling the victim. Meanwhile, the suspect detained in Málaga played a pivotal role by providing the motorcycle used as the getaway vehicle by the actual assailant. This motorcycle was later discovered burnt in an industrial estate in Fuenlabrada shortly after the attack.

Search for prime suspect

As the investigation unfolds, focus intensifies on locating the prime suspect, a French individual of Tunisian origin with a criminal record in France, where he resides. The case remains open, and efforts are concentrated on bringing the main perpetrator to justice.

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