Andalucia pauses de-escalation plan

by Lorraine Williamson
de-escalation plan on hold -

ANDALUCIA – Andalusia stops the de-escalation plan and maintains the current measures for the Covid for two weeks as a precaution.

When Spain ended the official state of alarm, Andalucia began a 3-phase de-escalation plan. This began with phase 1, intended from May 9 until May 31.

De-escalation plan on hold

However, plans to move to phase 2 from June 1 have been put on hold for a further 2 weeks. As such, Andalucia will remain in stage 1 until at least June 15.

Precautionary measure

This precautionary measure was announced on Tuesday by Jesus Aguirre, the Minister of Health and Families for Andalucia. It followed the meeting of the Committee of Experts. As a result, phase 2 will be delayed and will depend on the continued rate of incidence as well as the vaccination roll out. Phase 2 was due to last the full month of June, before the final “new normal” phase 3 was expected to be introduced at the beginning of July.

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Incidence rates

Although the incidence rate in Andalucia is reasonably stable, it is still higher than the overall Spanish average. Currently the 14-day incidence data sits at 180.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. Whereas the average throughout Spain is 132.11. The junta de Andalucia had hoped the incidence rate would be below 150 before the summer.

Vaccination roll out

The vaccination roll out within Andalucia continues at a pace. According to the official government website, Andalucia has received just over 5 million vaccine doses. And over 95% of these have been administered as of June 1. Indeed, there have been much less hospitalisations possibly as a result.

Call for “caution”

Although Spain has seen a decline in the death rate, people are still dying. In fact, as reported by EuropaPress, Aguirre called for ‘caution’ from the region’s residents as, ‘the virus is still among us and continues to kill’.


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