American tourist dies in Malaga following ‘extreme sexual practices’

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extreme sexual practices

What started as a vacation in the picturesque city of Malaga, Spain, ended in tragedy for a 44-year-old American tourist. The woman’s holiday took a fatal turn during what is suspected to be an instance of ‘extreme sex’.

Spanish authorities have since arrested her 50-year-old American husband in connection with her death, sparking a wave of media attention and legal scrutiny.

The incident ocurred in an Airbnb apartment

The incident occurred in an Airbnb apartment located at Plaza Enrique Garcia Herrera in Malaga. The woman’s body was discovered on April 6, but recent developments have led Spanish justice to treat the case as a potential homicide. Initial reports from local media suggested an accident following ‘extreme sex’. However, further evidence has pointed towards ‘risky sexual practices in an intimate setting’, according to reports from Spanish news outlets.

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Legal proceedings begin

On Monday, the 50-year-old suspect appeared before a judge in Malaga, who ordered his pre-trial detention without the possibility of bail. This marks a significant step in the legal process, as authorities work to piece together the events leading up to the tourist’s untimely death.

Discovery and investigation

The tragedy came to light last Saturday. Local police were alerted to an unconscious woman in the apartment situated in Malaga’s historic centre. Despite the swift response from medical personnel, they could only confirm the tourist’s death upon arrival. The National Police have since taken over the investigation, delving into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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