What does Generation Z think of rising rates of HIV, AIDS and STIs in Spain?

by Lorraine Williamson
Generation Z

HIV, AIDS and STIs are on the rise again in Spain. The current lifestyle of (especially) young people leads to more and more diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases. The Spanish channel RTVE interviewed Generation Z youth about how they view this and other topics. 

In Spain, young people in particular have more and more different bed partners, condoms are no longer used and drugs are increasingly used in combination with sex. As a result, HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, spread more easily. And these figures are also visible in Spain. 

On December 1, Spain celebrates World AIDS Day 

Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day. And for this occasion, the Spanish news site RTVE.es interviewed young people in Spain from Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, to ask how aware they are of sexually transmitted diseases and the fact that they are on the rise again in recent years. 

During the interviews, it seems that young people find AIDS, HIV and STIs a thing of the past. If they use contraceptives, it is purely for the reason that they do not want to have children. 

Porn is experienced differently by girls than by boys in Spain 

When it comes to watching porn, there is a dichotomy between the boys and the girls. The girls can hardly identify with porn and feel they have to play a part in being ‘attractive in bed’. Boys indicate that everyone has watched it and learned something from it. The girls mainly think that a more realistic picture of sex should be created through information. 

Talking about sex at home and at school is still taboo 

Many young people indicate that sex education is a taboo at school in Spain. Hardly any attention is paid to it. It is also difficult to talk openly about this between parents and children at home. 

Taboos disappeared in the field of sexual freedom 

Are Generation Z youth hypersexual? That is, are they doing or thinking about sex, open relationships, polyamory, and things like that 24 hours a day? Many of the young people report that they experience more freedom when it comes to sex. Having several bed partners before settling down is something many young people consider normal. Various taboos have been broken in that area, according to the interviewed young people. Social media certainly plays a role in this. 

TVE will pay attention to this subject on Saturday 3 December and will broadcast the documentary ‘La generación Z y el sexo’ at 9.30 pm on La1 and RTVE Play. 

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