All ins and outs about the cheque for vulnerable families in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
cheque for vulnerable families

At the end of 2022, Prime Minister Sánchez introduced a set of measures to ease the pressure on Spain’s wallets. One of these measures is the cheque for vulnerable families, a one-off payment that can be requested under certain conditions. 

In 2022, the Spanish government took steps to mitigate the effects of the war in Ukraine and inflation. Some of these measures will be continued in 2023. In addition, the Spanish government introduced new measures that will come into effect this year to ease the pressure on the wallet. 

Cheque for the most vulnerable families in Spain 

One of the measures is a cheque of €200 that families can apply for in certain cases, for example to go shopping. The government of Spain has set aside €1.2 billion to arrange this for families. In total, about 4.3 million households in Spain will soon benefit from this. 

What are the conditions to qualify for this allowance? 

Only the most vulnerable households can claim this. For example, everyone within one household may not earn more than €27,000 gross per year. These persons must also be registered in Spain on 31 December. Households consisting of one person can also qualify for this. As long as this person meets the conditions. 

When applying for this allowance, not only the joint annual income counts, but also any savings, shares, valuable household effects, legacies and luxury means of transport are taken into account. However, the value of the house in which the applicants live does not count towards the award of this amount. 

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No entitlement to a one-off payment 

There are situations in which people cannot claim this allowance. For example, someone may not apply for this one-off amount if he or she also receives a benefit from the minimum vital income. In the same package of measures, this benefit has already been increased for 2023. 

People who receive a pension benefit from social security, or from similar funds, are also not entitled to this scheme. 

How and when can you request the cheque in Spain? 

Although this measure is already in force from January 1, 2023, the cheque may only be requested after February 15. The publication in the Official Gazette of Spain states that this is possible until March 31, 2023 at the Tax Authorities in Spain. This application must include both the name of the applicant and his or her bank account. The amount is then transferred to this bank account in one go. 

After the application is submitted electronically, the applicant receives either a grant or a rejection of the application. In the event of a rejection, the reason for this is also stated. The applicant then has 10 days to lodge a protest or to provide any missing information. 

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