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by Lorraine Williamson
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Recently the number of gender violence and other hate crimes in Spain has been highlighted. The tragic death of Samuel Luiz Muñiz prompted mass protests. But what can we do to ensure our safety?

The Guardia Civil has a useful app that could help in these situations. Simply download the AlertCops app and complete the required information. The app can be downloaded in English. Thereafter, in the event of an emergency, your position is sent to the closest police station, and your situation will be attended to immediately.

Alternatively, if you choose high level alert, you have access to additional features. If you click on the three dots (…) “more” section, there is a handy user guide as well as frequently asked questions.

Verify your app

One of the icons you will find in your start menu of the app is the “test alert”. This is, unlike the other buttons, and is not used to communicate a criminal act to the Security Enforcement Agencies. It is simply a test button to check the app is working should you need it in a furture emergency.

App chat and guardian service

If you witness a situation, you can collaborate directly via the app with the police to help. You can access the app chat or even send photos or videos if appropriate. Again, you will receive instant attention.

The app has various “Guardian” services which include various climbing routes and processions or pilgrimages etc. If you get into trouble, the SOS button will advise your guardians or the emergency services of your location.

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This SOS button also makes it possible to report all kinds of hate crimes. The icon is in the main menu and allows the user to report cases of physical or verbal discrimination. Examples of hate crimes that can be reported, are those motivated by racism, LGTBIQ + phobia, religion or beliefs, disability, ideology, among others. The SOS button is also relevant for healthcare workers who may find themselves in a dangerous predicament.

This button allows these groups, in a risky situation, to send an urgent alert to the nearest police station, along with their position. It also has the ability for 10-second audio recording of what is happening. To do this, they must press this button repeatedly 5 times in less than 6 seconds. All this can be done without accessing the app since this button will be accessible directly from your mobile home screen.

Register you information

To enable this function, you must first register and access the personal data section. This is to identify which vulnerable group you could be part of.

After this identification within one of the groups, you will be able to access the SOS button and include it on the home screen of your mobile phone to give an urgent alert if your situation requires it.

Remember as much detail as possible

When reporting a hate crime, it is advisable to provide as much information as possible including demonstrations and clothing of the alleged perpetrator, to symbols, tattoos, anagrams, if there are any witnesses to the events, etc.

Communicating an SOS alert is quite simple. Simply press this button five times in less than six seconds to send an emergency signal to the State Security Forces and Corps along with the position of the person affected. In addition, the alert will also send a 10-second audio recording that will allow for more information on what is happening to the citizen, thus offering a more effective, quick, and accurate response.

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