Alarm because of a large shark near a beach in Mallorca

by Lorraine Williamson
large blue shark

MALLORCA – Many would rather not know, but large sharks live in the Mediterranean. Occasionally, willingly or unintentionally, they take a look at the coast. This was the case on Friday morning at a beach in Mallorca. 

Emergency number 112 received a report about the presence of a shark on the beach of Cala Mondragó. The animal is said to be a few metres from the beach. According to Ultima Hora, who relies on sources from the municipality, it was a great blue, also called blue shark with the scientific name Prionace glauca. The specimen would be about one and a half metres long. 

The video of just over a minute was taken by a witness on Mondragó beach and went viral on social media. A lifeguard advised the bathers present at the time not to enter the water as a precaution. 

It was a sunny day on Friday and the beach was quite busy. Consequently, the shark’s presence attracted a lot of attention and, for a moment, panic. It appeared to be disoriented as the animal kept swimming in circles for a while before disappearing from view back into the sea without causing any incidents. 

Video – YouTube @UltimaHora

Also white sharks in the Mediterranean 

Not everyone associates the Mediterranean and Spain with sharks. Still, as many as 90 species, including the dreaded white shark, occasionally take a look close to shore. You can encounter at least 15 shark species when you dive or swim in Spanish waters. But don’t panic: only two shark attacks have been recorded in Spain in 400 years, and neither of those two was fatal. 

Endangered species 

The blue shark that also caused panic in Mallorca last Friday is common. Like many of its congeners, this fish is also on the Red List as an endangered species. On average, it is 2.5 meters long and 80 kilograms in weight. And, on his menu are calamari, tuna (the smaller ones), groupers… 

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