40% of Spaniards living in Ukraine have left the country

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Currently, 40% of Spaniards living in Ukraine have temporarily left the country because of the looming war situation between Russia and Ukraine. Spain is going to great lengths for peace but has sent military troops to the conflict zone. 

On Monday, Foreign Minister Albares said 40% of Spaniards living in Ukraine have heeded the advice of the Spanish government. According to official statistics, about 500 Spaniards live in Ukraine, most of them in and around Kiev. 

Evacuation plan Spaniards is ready if necessary 

During a press conference with his Dutch counterpart, Wopke Hoekstra, the Spanish minister said that an evacuation is currently not necessary. And, therefore, the advice to temporarily leave Ukraine is sufficient for now. Daily contact is maintained with the Spanish embassy in Ukraine. If necessary, an evacuation plan is ready so that it is possible to evacuate the Spaniards left behind. 

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Spain goes to great lengths to achieve dialogue 

Finally, Albares announced that he wanted to do everything he could to prevent a war situation. According to him, it is never too late for a dialogue. However, a dialogue under continuous pressure is not the solution, according to him. This is why the de-escalation should also come from Russia. However, according to Albares, Spain will do everything in its power to support this dialogue, “because that is the way to peace,” said the Spanish foreign minister. 

Spain wants peace but sends military troops to conflict zone 

Although Spain prefers to walk on the road to peace, the Spanish news site AS.com writes that Spain sent several military units to the border area a few weeks ago to support the allies within NATO. 

Defense Minister Robles said that there are currently three ships, four combat aircraft, 80 armored vehicles, and about 800 Spanish soldiers in the conflict area. The sending of these troops corresponds to Spain’s already planned contribution to the NATO mission. However, this mission has been brought forward due to the urgent conflict between Ukraine and Russia. 

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