Without cloths on top of mainland Spain’s highest mountain Mulhacén

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Mulhacén without cloths

MONACHIL – On New Year’s Eve, three Spanish young people stood without clothes on the top of Mulhacén, the highest mountain on the Spanish mainland. With this step out of their comfort zone, the trio wants to inspire others to do the same.

More importantly, this stunt in the Sierra Nevada was intended to test the mental and physical limits of the trio. Pablo Linares, Julio García, and Luis Torralba, all 21 years old, started preparing for this remarkable challenge in early December.

Creating a viral sensation

The trio, who had little mountain experience and rented their equipment, want to become popular on social media with this and future challenges. Their goal is to publish a new challenge twice a month. “Our reporting will always be about testing our human limits,” Linares explained in the Granada Hoy newspaper. He is a Business Administration student and has been friends with his fellow adventurers, both working in public relations, for more than seven years.

The choice for Mulhacén

Linares and Torralba live in Granada and García in Monachil. Given the proximity to Mulhacén, climbing the 3,479-metre peak seemed the most accessible for their first challenge to test their physical capabilities. The boys want to encourage their future followers to step out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Project ‘A modo nuestro’

The three friends launched ‘A modo nuestro’ (@amodonuestro), a project on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, where they have already reached thousands of viewers. They plan to perform such feats twice a month.

Minimum experience, maximum preparation

Despite their limited mountain experience, they trained in the gym and sought advice from experts to prepare for the extreme cold and physical challenge. They took ice-cold showers and bathed in the river to adapt their bodies to the low temperatures. Their preparation and the actual climb are recorded in a 23-minute documentary.

Expert guidance

They enlisted the help of Gemma Ventaja, an expert in high-impact activities. Juan Carlos García Reyes, an experienced Mulhacén climber and uncle of one of the boys, also provided advice. Alejandro Calancha, a local mountain guide, was hired by the trio for equipment and advice.

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Taking up the challenge

The climb, which started on December 1, was characterised by extreme temperatures of around minus ten degrees and wind gusts of up to 40 kilometres per hour. The adventurers climbed the mountain wearing only shorts, hiking boots and a hat, enough to film the documentary without any problems.

A warning about risks

The audiovisual material begins with a disclaimer, highlighting the risks of such challenges and the importance of good preparation and professional guidance. “We considered climbing with the guide,” says Linares, but scheduling issues and the specific choice of date made this impossible.

Inspiration and positive reactions

Linares summarises their experience with the words: “The most beautiful moments in life are found outside your comfort zone.” He emphasises that all responses received so far have been positive. Moreover, there are even people who want to participate in their future challenges.

The ascent of the Mulhacén

The actual climb was an intense experience for the three. “The mountain taught us a lesson; it was more extreme than we thought,” Linares admits. The cold, the wind and the physical exertion made the climb a true ordeal that tested their limits.

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A viral future

With this first successful challenge behind them, the young adventurers look forward to their next challenges. They talk about bungee jumping in three different cities in one day and other exciting activities that will test their physical and mental strength. Their message is clear: step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to grow.

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