With these common surnames in Andalucia, you are descended from the Arabs

by Lorraine Williamson
surnames with arab origins


The history of Spain is marked by the fusion of different cultures, peoples, and races that have inhabited the Iberian Peninsula for millennia. For eight centuries, the peninsula was home to Arabs. This can still be seen in many surnames in Andalucia. 

You can also see Arabic influences in the eating habits and architecture. The Alhambra in Granada and the Mezquita in Córdoba are world famous. In Seville, the Alcázar and the Giralda are fine examples of architectural feats. 

In Málaga, too, the Muslims have left an important mark on both the cultural and architectural fields. Examples include the capital’s Alcazaba, built in the 11th century, and the archaeological remains of the Arab quarter of Attabanim. The latter was discovered during the work on the metro on Avenida de Andalucía. 

Language and names 

In addition, the Arabic influence is reflected in many of the words used today. For example, azulejo or ojalá. But also in surnames, which were used to indicate that a person belonged to a family and a specific place. 

Descendants in Andalucia 

Common names in Andalucia are descended from the Arabs. They are names of the descendants of Spanish Muslims who were forced to convert to Catholicism or go into exile. 

In the province of Málaga, the most common surname is García. Of the 1,000 inhabitants of Málaga, 56 have this name. Often they are not aware of the Arab origins. The same goes for Pérez, a name that 30 out of every 1,000 inhabitants of Málaga have. 

According to data from theMyHeritage Blog these names of Arabic origin still occur: 

Surnames starting with an A 

Abdo, Abedrapo, Abencerraje, Abengoa, Avengoa, Abraham, Abril, Abufhele, Abufom, Abuhadba, Abusada, Adauy, Aguad, Aguilar, Akel, Alam, Alamar, Alamo, Alaue, Albarracín, Alcalá, Alcaide, Alcantará, Alcazar, Alcaraz, Alcocer, Alguacil, Albaja, Aliatar, Alicante, Almaden, Almeida, Almodóvar, Ali, Amed, Ananias, Aranda, Ascalante, Atala, Atwan and Auad. 

In Spain, many surnames start with ‘Al’. This has Arabic origins. Some of the ones mentioned above are: Alcazar (‘Al Qasr’, meaning the fortress), Almeida (‘the plateau’), Alcaide (‘the one in command’), Alcalá (Al Qualat, small castle), Alcocer (Al Qasaba, meaning citadel) and Abencerraje (Aban As-Sarrag, meaning son of a saddler). 

Surnames starting with a B 

Bandrés, Barahona, Barjuán, Barroso, Benarrocha, Benarroch, Benavides, Benegas, Benjumea, Benjumeda, Bermejo, Bichara, Bitar, Bono, Buendia 

Surnames starting with a C 

Cabrero, Cattan, Castillo, Cebrian, Chacur, Chalhub, Chauriye, Chible, Chijany, Cid, Chocair, Cobaise, Cordobes and Cortés 

Surnames starting with a D 

Dagach, Dahdal, the Sorbas, Derberián, Dib, Dip and Duk 

Surnames starting with an E or an F 

Elías, El de Ubeda, Eitit, Facuse, Fajuri, Farran, Feres, Fualuan 

Surnames starting with a G 

García, Galvez, Gazul, Gazules, Giacaman, Gidi, Granadino, Guerra 

Surnames starting with an H 

Haddad, Hamad, Hamdan, Hana, Herrera, Hasbun, Hawila, Hazbun, Hechem. Heleyley, Hirmas 

Surnames starting with an I or a J 

Ides, Jadue, Jaen, Jalifa, Jalilie, Jattar, Jorrat, Jose, Juriye and Jury 

Surnames starting with a K or L 

Kattan. Kurbag, Lahsen, Laibe, Lama, Lara, Latif, Leibe, Lucas 

Surnames starting with an M 

Majluf, Manoli, Manzur, Maraver, Martínez, Melej, Méndez, Mendoza, Miguel, Mohanna, Mohor, Molina, Morales, Morón, Muley, Murube, Muhy, Musalem 

Surnames starting with an N 

Nafel, Nazal, Nazer, Nebot, Nevot, Nicolas, Nustas 

Surnames starting with a P 

Paez, Palacios, Palomeque, Pascual, Perez, Picó, Pinto, Pomar. Ponce. Paluan 

Surnames starting with an R 

Rabah, Rahal. Rasi, Repeina. Rizik, Roelas, Rumie 

Surnames starting with an S 

Saade, Saadi, Sabag, Sabaj, Sabbag, Sabella, Sady, Sahlie, Saieh, Salama, Salame, Salas, Salem, Salipa, Salomon, Salvador, Sammur, Samur, Saporia, Seda, Seleibe, Sellan, Sfeir, Sordo, Solís, Sufan 

Surnames starting with a T 

Tala, Tagie, Talhuk, Tame, Tamuz, Telchie, Torres 

Surnames starting with a V or Y 

Velaxco, Valenciano, Venegas, Yagnam, Yamal, Yamblat, Yarur, Yeber Yoma 

Surnames starting with a Z 

Zaid, Zalaquett, Zaror, Zegri, Zerene, Zgeib, Ziade 


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