Will there finally be snow in Spain?

by Lorraine Williamson
snow in Spain

The message that winter sports and snow enthusiasts have been waiting for for months seems to have finally arrived: It’s going to snow in Spain. The Aemet announced on Wednesday evening that it expected snow in the mountains and in some Spanish cities from Sunday. 

Last winter it was unusually warm in Spain. The year 2022 even ended with tropical temperatures in some places in the country. It has been winter for a while now and there has hardly been any snow. Furthermore, there is much less snow than usual on the highest mountain peaks. And in the cities where it normally always snows, not a flake has fallen yet. 

Extreme weather change expected in Spain on Sunday 

However, this situation could take a drastic turn in the coming days, Aemet reports. A spokesman for the Spanish weather service says that on Sunday part of the country will have to deal with cold and snow. According to the Aemet, there will be real winter showers from Sunday. Not like during Filomena, but significant snow showers and wintry temperatures all the same. 

From Sunday, a stream of very cold and humid air will move over the Iberian Peninsula. The north and the centre of the country will then have to deal with showers and snow in the mountains. On this day, the Aemet also predicts snow in central Spain, but the amount will not be that great. 

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Good news for winter sports enthusiasts in Spain 

Most snow will fall on Monday and Tuesday in the north of the country with significant amounts in the northern mountain ranges. According to the Aemet, more than half a metre of snow will fall in the Cantabrian mountains and in the Pyrenees on Sunday. In the Picos de Europa about 70-80 cm is expected and in the mountains near Huesca about 60 cm. 

Snow is also expected in the centre of the country, but not to the same extend as that in the north. About 20 cm is expected in the mountains near Guadarrama, Cuenca and in the Sierra Nevada. 

A layer of snow is also expected in some cities in Spain 

Not only the mountain ranges of Spain will have to deal with snow, some cities will also be covered under a white layer. For example, snow is predicted at the end of the week in Avila, Burgos, Segovia, Soria and Teruel. 

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