These three islands are favorites among Spaniards for summer 2023

by Lorraine Williamson
Menorca among the favourites for summer 2023

For the summer of 2023, many Spaniards opt for sun, sea and sand. Tenerife, Mallorca and Menorca are designated as the most popular destinations. Yet the Spaniards choose completely different places in and outside Spain during the winter and the Semana Santa. 

These are the conclusions drawn by the Spanish booking site For the winter period, which lasts up to and including April, the Spaniards opt for exotic foreign destinations such as the Dominican Republic, the Maldives and Mexico. However, for the Semana Santa it is again a completely different story. During the long weekend from 6 to 9 (in some Spanish regions 10) April, the Spaniards often opt for trips to European cities. London, Rome and Prague are particularly popular among Spanish travellers. 

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Spaniards prefer islands and coast during summer holidays 

The Spanish islands are therefore popular for the summer. This development is special, since Spaniards seem to be opting for a beach holiday more often this year. Compared to the last reference year of 2019, the number of bookings to beach destinations has increased by 54%. On the other hand, bookings for city trips fell by 15% in the summer. 

Spain proved more popular among European travellers periodically checks the number of bookings made by Spaniards. However, that says little about the most favorite places of foreigners in Spain. For example, it recently turned out that Spain is a favourite destination for Europeans and Spaniards to spend New Year’s Eve. Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Barcelona, Málaga, Madrid and Tenerife were then named as the most visited destinations to bring in the New Year. 

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