Water bill in Malaga has risen sharply

by Lorraine Williamson
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MALAGA – Residents of Málaga should prepare for a significant increase in their water bills. From next spring, the average rate will increase by 42.7%, bringing the monthly amount to approximately €20.80. 

This increase is a result of a rate change by Emasa, the local water company. Rates had been frozen for the past eight years. In addition, a new levy will be introduced that will last until 2043. This levy is intended to finance an extensive plan of €100.3 million for the construction and improvement of water infrastructure. 

Details of the increase 

The monthly water bill for residents will increase by an average of €6.21. Of this, €4.88 is due to the 35.25% rate increase. The remaining €1.33 is due to the new levy, which entails an extra 7.45%. This levy will start in 2024. 

Future developments 

This levy will gradually increase over the next 19 years. Moreover, the intention is to generate millions of euros annually between 2024 and 2028. The proceeds will be used for various projects, such as the improvement of water treatment plants and the construction of new pumping stations. 

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Where does the money go? 

The investments are intended, among other things, to increase the capacity of existing water pipes and to install new ones. Measures are also being taken against flooding and investments are being made in improving water purification. 

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Extra services 

According to Penélope Gómez, the councillor for Environmental Sustainability, Emasa will now also cover costs that were previously not reimbursed. This includes connecting homes to mains and maintaining stormwater drainage systems, which will cost more than €7 million annually. 

The upcoming rate increase and new levies will have a direct impact on households in Málaga. Although the tariffs are intended to finance much-needed infrastructure and sustainability projects in the context of severe drought, they will put additional pressure on the disposable income of many families. 

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