Vaccination rate Spain at risk from travelling Spaniards?

by Lorraine Williamson
vaccination rate

MADRID – Spain is one of four countries in Europe where the highest Covid-19 vaccination rate is currently being administered. On Thursday another day record was reached. Nevertheless, Spain will face two challenges in the near future that could jeopardise the pace. 

The vaccination campaign in Spain “is going very well”, according to Health Minister Darias. On Thursday she told about another record of 574,014 injections per day. Currently, more than 13 million Spaniards (28%) have had at least one dose. 

Two challenges for the vaccination campaign in Spain 

It is expected that 70% of the Spanish population will have been vaccinated before the end of August. Nevertheless, there are two challenges in the coming period. With the lifting of the alarm and summer approaching, many people will return to their place of work. Furthermore, many Spaniards work in a different region than they live. This can pose problems when they receive a call for vaccination. Do they have to go all the way back to the region where they live? 

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Since the Spaniards are now allowed to travel again, another challenge is they may want to go on holiday. Even if it is in their own country, it could still cause problems. Therefore, the following applies to them! What should they do if they receive a call for a vaccination appointment that coincides with the holiday? 

Vaccination in another Spanish region 

For the first group – the people who work and live in another region – Minister Calzon informed from the Ministry of Health, it is important that these people contact the health service themselves to have the vaccination appointment take place in the region in which they reside at that time. This agreement can often be easily converted. 

What do Spaniards do when vaccination coincides with holidays? 

For the Spanish holidaymakers, Minister Darias gave a different answer. She said that these people have two choices: either come back to get their shot or wait their turn until they get another call to be vaccinated. In any case, the call comes well in advance so that many people can plan the appointment around their vacation. In addition to this, Madrid Minister Ruiz Escudero said they will continue to send calls to people repeatedly until they have been vaccinated. This means, it will not really have a long term effect on the vaccination rate.

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