Spain is receiving record corona vaccines this week

by Lorraine Williamson
Corona vaccnies

MADRID – Never before has Spain received so many corona vaccines in a week. Health Minister Darias proudly talks about the million-dollar supply to Spain. And the fact that the Spanish health services have managed to administer 1.8 million vaccines in one week. 

Over the course of the week, Spain will receive no less than 4 million doses. Health Minister Darias said she was very pleased with such numbers. She also said the autonomous region´s health services delivered as many as 1.8 million vaccines in the past seven days. 

Spain´s progress with corona vaccines

On the official Spanish government website, it is possible to see on a daily basis how Spain is vaccinating. A report is also drawn up each day detailing how many people of which age group and per autonomous region have received a single or a complete dose. 

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All people over 80 in Spain at least one dose 

From this document it shows all over-80s have have received the first dose and 80.6% have been fully vaccinated. 71.5% of people between the ages of 70-79 have received one dose and have just started administering the second dose. 

Two thirds of the over-60s in Spain have already had one shot 

Despite the fact that many people over 70 still have to receive the second dose, almost half (48.3%) of Spaniards between the ages of 60 and 69 have already been vaccinated with one dose. Of all people over 60 in Spain, 68% have already had one injection and 23.6% have already been fully vaccinated. Minister Darias reiterrated she is convinced that Spain will succeed in vaccinating 70% of the Spanish population by the end of August. 

Logical differences in vaccination in Spanish regions? 

The Spanish newspaper El País wrote on Wednesday that there are still considerable differences between the autonomous region when it comes tospeed of vaccination. Asturias, for example, leads the way in Spain, as 34.2% of residents have received one dose and 14.5% have already been fully vaccinated. The Balearic Islands, however are with 23.1% of residents with one shot and 7.6% with a full dose. One reason for this difference between regions is the average age of residents; vaccination generally takes place from old to young. 

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