Funeral wreaths for Madrid government building

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Wreaths placed outside Madrid government building in peaceful protest.

MADRID – It was a special sight on Wednesday when people placed wreaths in front of Madrid’s Congress of Deputies building. A civilian alliance is conducting a peaceful protest against the political chaos in the run-up to the elections on May 4.

A group of Spaniards, united under the name Alianza Cívica (civilian alliance), placed wreaths before the Congress of Deputies yesterday. The Spanish news site El Diario wrote this peaceful protest is a symbolic message for the politicians in Madrid. This protest continued online under the hashtags #EspañaMereceMás (Spain deserves more) and #NOclasePolítica (no political class).

Spaniards resist political chaos in Madrid

The association feels hard hit by the economic and health crisis in Spain. It is also opposed to the current political tensions in the run-up to the Madrid regional elections on May 4. Previously, chaos ensued during one of the election debates when Pablo Iglesias walked away after a Vox candidate questioned his honesty.

Cogesa Expats

On Monday, April 26, the Spanish prime minister interjected by asking voters to stop Vox. He claimed the party poses a serious threat to Spanish democracy and society.

“Madrid politicians are only concerned with their own position”

The funerary wreaths  were not the only action by the group. They produced a pamphlet questioning the fair distribution of seats and the degree of democracy in Madrid. The members of Alianza Cívica blame Madrid politics for wasting money. Furthermore, they believe the politicians are looking after themselves, rather than being there for the regions’ inhabitants.

On the internet, the association’s action received a lot of support from those who think the politicians in Madrid should do more for citizens struggling with the consequences of the corona pandemic. In the afternoon, they moved the wreaths  to the headquarters of the community of Madrid at Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

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