Large majority of PP voters support coalition with Vox

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PP voters wouldn't mind a Vox coalition. Candidates in teh madrid elections on a recent televised debate. Image by Juanjo Martín.

MADRID – If, in the upcoming elections on May 4th in Madrid, the Partido Popular and Vox were to achieve an absolute majority, 78% of the PP voters would not mind if their party ran the region with the far-right party.

A survey, conducted by research agency Metroscopia between 20 and 26 April among 3000 residents, provided the election statistic. A generous majority would rather see presidential candidate Isabel Ayuso (PP) form a coalition with Vox than with the center-right Ciudadanos party. PP has ruled in conjunction with Ciudadanos in recent years. Yet 60% of PP voters would also support a coalition with Ciudadanos. According to the research, left-wing voters prefer to see a three-party coalition of the PSOE, Unidas Podemos and Más Madrid.

Most parties support government with Partido Popular only

Ideally, Ayuso and her supporters (91%) would like to govern the region without a coalition partner. A large majority (76%) of the Vox voters would also support this, but almost all voters of this party (96%) would prefer to participate in a coalition with the PP.

75% of the Ciudadanos supporters would prefer the party to lead the region together with the PP; just like in the last term of office. Vice President Ignacio Aguado would be replaced by Edmundo Bal. Among the Ciudadanos voters, a majority (66%) does not consider it a problem if PP comes to power alone.

Left-wing voters want a tripartite coalition

PSOE presidential candidate Ángel Gabilondo firmly rejected a coalition with Unidas Podemos leader Iglesias at the start of the election campaign. However, he went back on his words later. A large majority of left-wing voters support a tripartite coalition: 95% of Podemos voters, 89% of Más Madrid voters and 84% of PSOE supporters.

“Gran coalición” not preferred by PP voters

Remarkably, only Ciudadanos supporters favour a PP and PSOE coalition, a so-called “gran coalición”politics. 56% see this coalition as possible, versus no more than 30% of the PP and PSOE voters.

Más Madrid remains regional

With only a 2% difference compared to PSOE in the Madrid region, Más Madrid is a formidable competitor for the socialists. However, this party does not yet have much foothold at the national level. 47% of Más Madrid supporters in Madrid would vote for PSOE in national elections and 16% would choose Unidas Podemos.

This phenomenon occurs to a much lesser extent among the PP voters: 77% of the people who now vote for Ayuso would also do so in national elections. Only 10% of PP voters would vote for Vox, 1% for Ciudadanos and 12% for another party.

Opinions are divided on Isabel Ayuso’s presidency. 48% would rather see a new PP president take office. This compares to 49% who opt for continuity with the current regional president.

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