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GUEST POST – The life of a real estate agent in southern Spain, what does it look like in these bizarre times? My name is Willem Bruins and I’ve had my own estate agency on the Costa del Sol, in Alhaurín el Grande for over 16 years.

In all these years we have built up various specialties, such as new developments in the Málaga and Marbella area, homes directly on the coast and houses in the interior. We have a good team of enthusiastic people who are all happy to go out with our potential buyers to help them find their dream home under the southern Spanish sun.

I survived the crisis of 2008 and subsequent years, now we are in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. Of course, our industry is experiencing the consequences of the whole situation. Many countries issued negative travel advice or even travel bans to Spain. That means fewer people (can) take the step to look for a second home, an investment or a new life in the sun.

Growing need for a house with space

We have noticed more and more Spaniards are looking for a house with more space in the interior, or ‘the campo’, since the strict lockdown from March to June in Spain. Being trapped in an apartment in the city for a long time with the whole family, or even several families, has caused shifts in the market and made people think. Having space around or close to the house and regular fresh air are good for a person. The various lockdowns have made us all more aware of that fact.

Market is picking up again

However, we cannot speak of very large price fluctuations. Perhaps here and there on the coast, but inland that is certainly not the case. In recent weeks, we noticed the market is picking up again. Now that all countries are vaccinating extensively, people are gaining perspective again.

The British, Dutch and Belgian clients of Villa Nova Real Estate are once again showing interest in the Spanish housing market. That certainly applies to investors. After all, a return on savings is hard to get, so an investment in real estate in Spain is still extremely attractive given its price and the climate here in the south.

Virtual tours

We are currently booking a lot of virtual viewings. For us that is a whole new, and very interesting, way of working. We view the property online with our customers, so they get a good impression of what is currently available. It has even happened a number of times that a reservation was placed on the property. In the meantime, legal checks were carried out here in Spain until the potential buyers could book a flight to come and see for themselves. This generally concerns buyers who would like to invest in a property with a good return.

Because let’s face it; in the end you have to ‘feel’ a (second) home, its surroundings and its precise location… So of course, we prefer that we help buyers realise their dream and ensure they are 100% behind their purchase; a new life in the Spanish sun.

We’re here to help

Would you like to find out how we can help you? Are you interested in a virtual tour? Let us know and we will be happy to go out for you!

Sunny regards,

Willem Bruins


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