Two arrested after workers found in Slave labour conditions in Alicante

by Lorraine Williamson
men working under slave labour conditions

ALICANTE – As reported by La Moncloa, The National Police have arrested two people accused of having people of African origin working for them under slave labour conditions.

It is said the staff worked up to 12 hours each day but were only paid between 0.58 cents – €2.50 per hour. Also, they were not registered with social security.

Allegedly threatened with death

The workers fixed broken pallets at the company. Furthermore, they were allegedly threatened with death if they complained about the money they received. The owner of the company is Spanish, however, the person in charge is, of Senegalese origin like the victims. He was the one who allegedly recruited his compatriots to be exploited by the company.

Complaint made about slave labour conditions

The local businessman and the person in charge of the company were arrested by the National Police in August, for two crimes against workers’ rights and threats. The investigation began because of a complaint made by one of the victims at the beginning of July.

Following the complaint, police maintained discreet surveillance on the warehouse.


As a result of the surveillance, investigators were able to confirm that, from Monday to Friday the detained businessman picked up the men from an area in the Virgen del Remedio neighbourhood of Alicante. He then took them to the warehouse where they mostly worked 12-hour days. Sometimes they would even work 6 days a week.

Money deducted for Covid jab time out

Also, it was reported they were deducted €25 when they were unable to work due to having their Covid-19 vaccination appointments. In addition, they received death threats when they allegedly demanded more salary from the person in charge of the company.

The outcome of the operation resulted in the arrest of the 43-year-old Spanish businessman and the 44-year-old Senegalese manager.



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