Transparency plan for Spanish monarchy in negotiation

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Zarzuela Palace involved in negotiations for transparency for Spanish monarchy

Representatives of the Zarzuela Royal Palace, Moncloa Government Palace and the Partido Popular as the third negotiating party are working behind closed doors on a transparency plan for the Spanish monarchy.

At the end of last year, Prime Minister Sánchez  announced a step by step approach to create a transparency plan regarding the Spanish monarchy. According to the prime minister, the king strives for a parliamentary monarchy adapted to the principles and values ​​of modern Spain.

Those were not empty words, the plan has been under discussion for more than a month. Sources around the negotiating table indicate the main goal is to give the royal family a more transparent profile. Despite the fact Partido Popular is not a coalition party, it is involved in the negotiations between the Spanish government and the royal family.

Financial responsibility

They are not planning on introducing a crown law at the moment. For now, the plan concerns measures that, in addition to transparency, would promote control over actions of royal family members. With the fuss over tax evasion and kickbacks by the King Emeritus, it is mainly a matter of financial accountability. The vaccinations in Abu Dhabi of the current king’s sisters, Elena and Cristina, again called into question the actions of some royal family members.

Cogesa Expats

Deadlock in the reorganisation of the Judiciary

In February, the first talks took place between the First Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo and the head of the Spanish court organisation Jaime Alfonsín. A few days later, Prime Minister Sánchez asked opposition leader Pablo Casado to allow a party representative to participate. With this, the Prime Minister took the opportunity to end the deadlock with the PP in the negotiations on the reorganisation of the General Council for the Judiciary. This body appoints the top judges in the country. According to the prime minister, is too conservative in composition. However, the PP vetoed a redesign that stalled negotiations.


All three negotiating parties agree to changes which increase transparency and control over the monarchy. According to royal sources, several measures are already in force after the inauguration of King Felipe VI.  For example, the carrying out of various audits with the results published on the royal family’s website. However, both the current government and opposition leader PP believe more should be done to better guarantee transparency.

The imminent reforms should ensure greater accountability and limited range for all members of the royal family. In short, more control, more visibility and a more parliamentary profile.

No in-depth debate about monarchy’s existence

Neither PSOE or PP support the introduction of a crown law, as the parties Unidas Podemos and Más País do. The latter parties wish to avoid a deep debate about the existence of the monarchy. Their goal is to ensure the current king does not make the same mistakes as his father.


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