These products have become more expensive in Spain over the past year

by Lorraine Williamson
more expensive products

MADRID – It is also noticeable in Spain that grocery products have generally become a lot more expensive. The Spanish consumer organisation OCU found that 95% of the products examined have increased in price in the past year. 

To this end, OCU analysed 239 food, hygiene or drugstore products from 80 chains. The conclusion is that none of the products has risen as much as sunflower oil. The report shows that this product has increased by no less than 118% in the past year. And not just because of the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the OCU pointed out. The price increase of this product had already started in August 2021. 

More expensive products

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Without a doubt, sunflower oil is not the only product that has become more expensive to purchase. Others include muffins and margarine. These have both increased in price by up to 75%. Among the rest of the products that are now more expensive than 12 months ago, we find bananas from the Canary Islands (up to 64% more expensive), macaroni (56%) and olive oil (53%). 

Cogesa Expats

Finally, the price increase of products such as wheat flour and eggs is also striking, with 50% and 47% respectively. 

Products that have become cheaper 

Of the 239 products analysed by the OCU, only 13 have reduced their price from last year. However, the differences are small compared to August 2021, emphasises OCU. Among the products that have fallen in price, we find shampoo (5%), kiwis (6%) and avocados (10%). 

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