These boy and girl names are still trendy and popular in Spain for 2023

by Lorraine Williamson
popular baby names

Lucía and Hugo are the most popular names among children in Spain, María, Carmen and Antonio remain the most common among all population groups, regardless of age.  

Clearly noticeable is that trends for names change over time. They change with changing inspirations. In 2023, the names below are expected to remain trendy: 

25 popular boys’ names for 2023 (in alphabetical order) 

  • Adrian  
  • Alexander  
  • Álvaro  
  • Antonio 
  • Bruno  
  • Daniel  
  • David  
  • Diego  
  • Enzo  
  • Hugo  
  • Izan  
  • Javier  
  • Leo  
  • Lucas  
  • Manuel 
  • Marcus  
  • Mark  
  • Marius 
  • Martin  
  • Matthew 
  • Michael  
  • Oliver  
  • Paul 
  • Thiago  

25 popular girl names for 2023 (in alphabetical order) 

  • Aitana 
  • Alba  
  • Alma   
  • Carla  
  • Carmen  
  • Chloe   
  • Claudia   
  • Daniela  
  • Emma  
  • Julia  
  • Lara  
  • Lola  
  • Lucia  
  • María  
  • Martina  
  • Mia  
  • Noa  
  • Olivia   
  • Paula  
  • Sara  
  • Sophia   
  • Valentina  
  • Valeria   
  • Vega   

Sources of inspiration for parents 

The rise and success of Turkish TV series make the sound and meaning of Turkish names more appealing. Zuleya (‘shining star’), Ceren (‘young gazelle’), Erkan (‘sincere’) or Kerem (‘noble’, ‘kind’) are examples. 

Cogesa Expats

Fans of fantasy series more often choose names of fictional characters they admire, such as those in The Rings of Power. So we see Galadriel, Theo, Disa or Poppy and Marigold. Floral names have actually always been fashionable. But literature can also be an inspiration for young parents. Or deceased celebrities. For instance, the names Olivia or Sandy may become fashionable due to the death of actress and singer Olivia Newton John. And in all likelihood, the names Carlos and Isabel, will become more common after the death of British monarch Elizabeth II. 

Celebrity babies 

The arrival of babies to popular celebrities has also always been a source of inspiration for parents. For example, for boys, Cy stands out, the name of actress Jennifer Lawrence’s son. And for girls, it is Bella Esmeralda, the name of Ronaldo and Georgina’s daughter. But girls are also called Matilda, named after the newborn daughter of Spanish influencer Marta Pombo. 

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