The long awaited driving license update

by Lorraine Williamson
driving license

After three weeks of absolutely no communication whatsoever, everyone was hopeful of some news today regarding the driving license exchange negotiations. Unfortunately, I cannot bring you anything new. It seems that the only developments have been “behind the scenes”. And we are not privy to this.

Countless messages on Facebook posts of the official Consulate & Embassy Page remain unanswered. However, assurances are given that each message is read, and taken into account. Furthermore, it was confirmed that “work continues intensively between the British and Spanish authorities, even when we don’t post. And, of course, the events of last week overtook all of our communications”. 

As has been emphasised on several occassions, they recognise that the negotiations are taking longer than anticipated. Consequently they understand you just want to know when you will be able to drive.

No timeline as yet for the driving license exchange

Once more, they continue to say that genuine progress is being made on resolving the outstanding points. However, they still cannot put a timeline on the negotiations. And they still cannot give any information on the detail of the negotiation. Therefore, if it is necessary for you to be able to drive, the offical advise is for you to consider taking a test. However, they do recognise that this could also take some time.

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Complex negotiations

While the negotiations are still ongoing, it is not possible for the Embassy to comment on all the detail as the outstanding issues are complex. Furthermore, as always, they say they do  not underestimate the massive impact this is having on those affected.

They do promise to provide and update as soon as they have new information. In this regard, we expect it now means there will not be an official weekly update on a Friday. However, InSpain.News will bring you the updates as we have them.

How does it affect you?

In the meantime, the numerous social media posts discuss the problems encountered with people trying to get their license exchanged before the cut-off date. Therefore, it is not just a case of people not taking the opportunity to exchange before Brexit, or before the extensions ran out. Consequently, how does this affect you? We would like to hear from you!

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