Seville bets on direct flight connection with New York

by Lorraine Williamson
Seville New York

SEVILLE – The municipality of Seville wants to attract more American travellers. The idea is that they have a high purchasing power and that is good for the city. Mayor Antonio Muñoz, therefore, assures that there will soon be a direct flight to New York. 

The politician – former Director of Tourism for the Province of Seville – emphasised the importance of his city’s strategy to attract American travellers. He did so during an interview with the current director of Tourism of Seville, Antonio Jiménez. 

From Seville to New York

In it, the socialist assessed the state of tourist activity in the Andalucian city and stated that “recovery is a fact despite uncertainty and inflation”. The basis for an economic recovery in the sector has been laid, according to the city manager, by the wide variety of cultural events and conferences, together with the high investments of luxury hotel chains – five and four stars. 

More Spanish cities are targeting the same target group 

“North American tourism is very important to Seville and in that sense I am emphatic: we are going to get a flight to New York,” assured Muñoz. He added that the United States is the second or third most important market for travellers to the city each year. The situation is different in the rest of Spain. For this reason, the city council has been striving for a direct connection to the American capital for several years now. However, the ambition was frustrated by the covid pandemic. 

Cogesa Expats

Mallorca also targets Americans 

But, Seville is not the only Spanish city eager for more North American tourists. The Minister of Tourism of the Consell de Mallorca (Balearic Islands), Andreu Serra, recently appreciated the positive effects for the island of the direct air route between New York and Palma. Serra stressed that Americans spend much more money than the average traveller on the island. 

Another city that received a direct flight from the capital of the United States is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Representatives began a series of promotions in late August in cities across the United States, including New York, Chicago and Miami, to strengthen this direct connection. 

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