Guardia Civil discovers ‘horror farm’ in the Spanish region of Murcia

by Lorraine Williamson
horror farm

MURCIA – Agents of the Guardia Civil have found a ‘horror farm’ in Murcia where live horses lived among dead horses. Some 35 horses, donkeys and ponies were found along with 13 cadavers of 13 equines. 

The cadavers were in an advanced state of decomposition. Operation ‘Bucéfalo‘ was launched following a report by a resident of Alicante to the Guardia Civil about deplorable hygiene and health conditions at a horse farm in the Murcian district of Monteagudo. Live animals lived here together with the remains of other animals. The owner of the farm is suspected of the crime of animal cruelty. 

Horror farm

Specialists from the Civil Guard’s Conservation Service, together with veterinarians from the Regional Animal Husbandry of Murcia, carried out an inspection visit. During which, they found a combination of live and dead animals in one room. The advanced state of decomposition of the dead animals posed a great risk to the health of the living animals, as well as to human health. The farm is located in an urban area with houses around it. 

The inspectors traced the information on the animals’ microchips and compared it with the corresponding passports. This showed that a total of 71 equidae were registered on the farm. Of these, 19 were missing as the owner could not indicate whether the animals had been sold or moved to another farm. 


The result of the investigation revealed obvious negligence in the attention and care of the animals. Moreover, the stables were unsanitary, they had too little food and water. Also, the food they were given was only leftover lettuce, which left them malnourished. 

Cogesa Expats

In addition, the officers and inspectors learned that the removal of the cadavers was also not managed. Veterinarians, therefore, instructed the owner to immediately proceed with the removal of the dead animals through an authorised company. 

The Guardia Civil has closed the ‘Bucéfalo’ operation by designating the farm owner as a suspect of animal cruelty. 

Animal abuse 

Based on Article 337 of the current Criminal Code, the owner faces a prison term of three months to one year. Also, if convicted, he will not be able to practice his profession or trade related to animals for between one and three years. 

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