The Guardian supports amnesty and agrees with Pedro Sánchez

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The Guardian

MADRID – In a recent article, British newspaper, ‘The Guardian’ expressed its support for the controversial amnesty measures being considered by the Spanish government led by Pedro Sánchez.

According to ‘The Guardian’, a progressive-oriented publication, Sánchez’s success in retaining power would be good news for both Spain and Europe.

The article discusses the unexpected political comeback of Carles Puigdemont, the exiled Catalan separatist, and his party’s role in Spain’s current political landscape. Puigdemont’s party, Junts, has become a dealbreaker as the interim prime minister seeks their support to stay in power. The condition for Junts’ support is an amnesty deal that could benefit Puigdemont and other activists facing criminal charges in connection with their failed independence campaign.

Amnesty as a means for improvement

This amnesty proposal is controversial because polls show that a majority of Spaniards are not in favour of it. Furthermore, protests have also been organised against it. However, the article argues that despite the political risks involved, Pedro Sánchez is right to view the amnesty as a means to politically resolve the conflict and move towards a better future.

The article also discusses previous pardons taken in 2021 for captured Catalan separatists. These have helped to reduce tensions. Moreover, support for independence has clearly declined in recent years.

Dam against the far right

The publication also criticises the possibility of a government led by the Partido Popular (PP). It is stated that this would have brought the extreme right-wing forces in Spain out of the cold. This would be the first time since the end of the dictatorship that the far right would play a role in the Spanish government.

The paper emphasises the need for Sánchez’s continued leadership as a dam against the far right, despite the complexity and fragility of his position of power, which relies on the votes of Basque and Catalan nationalists.

Need for unity and stability in the country

In light of recent developments and the upcoming investiture debates, Sánchez looks set to remain a key figure in navigating Spain’s very challenging political landscape, with an emphasis on the need to bring and maintain unity and stability in the country. The Guardian concludes that this is always a better outcome than a government led by the extreme right.

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