Tenerife police ask for reinforcements after a British attack on officer

by Lorraine Williamson
more police needed in Tenerife

TENERIFE- The Southern Demarcation of the South Tenerife Police Station is struggling to deal with crime and conflicts due to a large number of tourists. In response, the unified police union (SUP) is calling for reinforcements. 

SUP has asked the Ministry of the Interior to hire 12 new officials to reinforce the police force. The additional staff would enable the deployment of more radio patrol vehicles and ensure that at least two police officers are present during each shift to carry out tasks such as guarding cells or accompanying detainees to the toilet. 

Attack on police officer

The SUP has taken legal action after a recent incident in which a young British man attacked an officer, leaving him unconscious. The incident highlights the need for more resources in the area. Moreover, the high population and tourist rates in summer make the current material and human resources insufficient. The organisation secretary of the SUP in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Cesar Barrientos, warns that the situation endangers local security. 

Cogesa Expats

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More police presence is needed in Mallorca too 

The Hoteliers Association of Playa de Palma in Mallorca has also demanded more police presence in the Balearic tourist destination, following the arrest of two individuals who allegedly perpetrated over 20 vehicle thefts. 

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