Dutch tourist robbed by force in Tenerife

by Lorraine Williamson
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RONA – A Dutch boy was robbed in Tenerife. He was surrounded by a group of young people in a nightlife area and then robbed. Four people were arrested soon after the incident. 

Various Spanish media reported this. A spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that no request for assistance has been received for consular assistance. The suspects belonged to a group of teenagers between 16 and 19 years old of Spanish and Senegalese nationality. 

The Dutchman was attacked in the southwestern town of Arona near the commercial centre of Las Veronicas. The victim said he was approached by a group of ten people when he was smoking a cigarette outside. Then, he was asked if he wanted to buy drugs, cocaine or marijuana. 

Robbed by force in Tenerife

He refused, and then the group started intimidating, surrounding and preventing him from going back to his friends at the club. Spanish media reported that the attackers then forcibly robbed the victim of his cell phone, credit card and cash. They also ripped a chain from his neck, pushed him to the ground and walked away laughing. 

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Four out of ten attackers arrested 

According to Eldigitalsur.com, bystanders came to the victim’s aid and called the police. They immediately arrived on the scene and started looking for the suspects. The victim and eyewitnesses were questioned and officers raided nearby clubs. That led to the arrest of two Spaniards aged 19 and 16 and two Senegalese, both aged 19. None of them had previously been in contact with the police. 

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