Fake kidnapping ploy halted by Guardia Civil in Tenerife

by Lorraine Williamson

TENERIFE – Under Operation Santero, the Guardia Civil has arrested 5 family members for attempting to extort money. Moreover, they simulated the kidnapping of the victim´s daughter.

A video was sent showing a young woman blindfolded, gagged, and with a knife against her throat. The woman in the video appears to have blood stains on her face and is crying as she asks for her mother to pay €500,000 for her release.


Seemingly, the victim withdrew the money and was advised of a specific place where it should be delivered. This was advised by the alleged kidnappers.

However, prior to any money being delivered, police discovered something similar had happened on at least three previous occasions. During these events, she delivered a total of €45,000 after receiving 3 letters threatening her daughter´s life.

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As part of the investigation, police focused their efforts on the area around where the daughter and her intimate partner were living.

Special op

Once the information was analysed, the kidnapping protocol was activated, with specialists from the Central Operations Unit. A special intervention module of the GRS-8 was also activated, which remained on alert in case its intervention was necessary for the release of the hostage.


However, the agents discovered that the young woman was in perfect health. Furthermore, she had not been kidnapped, and was not deprived of her freedom. Consequently, the investigative unit proceeded to arrest five people deemed to be involved. They were arrested for the criminal offenses of simulation of crime and extortion. At the time of the arrest, the protagonist of the video and her partner’s family were in a games room in a bingo hall.

Kidnapping simulation

On this occasion, the police were able to solve the case in less than 24 hours. During a search of the home, the Guardia Civil found the tools used for the simulation of the kidnapping, a large white weapon, the handkerchief with which the young woman was gagged and a bottle of artificial blood.

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