Ten English words indispensable in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
ten English words

Mixing cultures, social media, and other factors contribute to the development of languageAlthough English is less widely spoken than Spanish worldwide, Spaniards use many English words. These ten English words are most used in Spain.

Although Mandarin is still the most widely spoken language in the world, Spanish has been beating English for several years now. Spanish is the second world language with more than 460 million people and English takes third place with more than 380 million people who speak this language worldwide. 

New words in Spanish language, especially from abroad 

Every year, the Real Academia Española updates the Spanish vocabulary, researching new words commonly used in Spain. These words do not necessarily have to come from Spain itself. In fact, many of the new words added recently have been “borrowed” from English. 

These ten English words are most commonly used in Spain 

The Spanish newspaper La Razón listed the ten English words that Spaniards have used most in the past year. These words have become so familiar that the English word is used more often and that these terms have become an indispensable part of everyday language use in Spain. 


This word originated in the fashion industry but is increasingly being used to refer to things that are relaxed or informal. 


The simple name for companies and people who serve prepared meals and drinks. Although there are other Spanish words for this concept in the hospitality industry, they have had to make way for this English variant. 


Although Spaniards pronounce it very differently than originally intended – mar-ke-tieng – this is virtually the only term used in Spain to explain anything related to the sale of services and products. 

Cogesa Expats


The words ‘exam’ and ‘prueba’ are still commonly used, but the English word ‘test’ is becoming more and more prevalent, especially in Spanish schools. 


Although English people use this word for more things, in Spain this term is often only used in the food sector to refer to a healthier variant of products. 


People in Spain are no longer ‘famoso’ or ‘conocido’. In magazines in Spain, this word is perhaps most commonly used to indicate that someone is famous. 


Auditioning for a role or show is often referred to as ‘hacer un casting’ in Spain lately. It is funny that in England the word ‘audition’ is often used for this. 


Again a popular loaned word from English and an abbreviation of the original ‘beef steak’. 


Although it is written in English as ‘sweater’, the Spaniards could not get used to this spelling. Although the sound and meaning of the word are the same, the Spaniards continue to use the word ‘suéter’ for that wonderfully warm sweater. 


Another loaned word from English that the Spaniards write differently. The English often only refer to a nice-looking alcoholic drink with this word. However, Spaniards use this word for all mixed drinks, including those without alcohol. 

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