Teachers refuse to teach two sisters who go to school without a mask

by Deborah Cater
Teachers wont teach girñls who refuse to wear a mask
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The faculty of the Alba Plata de Cáceres nursery and primary school has made the decision not to teach two sisters who come to the centre and refuse to wear a mask. After two days in which the girls shared a classroom with their classmates, they were moved to a class just for them. However, the teachers do not accept this arrangement.

The problem began last Friday, September 10, with the start of the new year. Two girls who attend this centre presented themselves without a mask. This despite the fact a national regulation obliges all those over 6 years of age, both students and teaching and non-teaching staff, to wear a mask during their stay at the school.

The Ministries of Education and Health and the different autonomous communities all agree to this rule. However, the parents of these two girls, convinced deniers, decided to take them to class without a mask.

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AMPA supports teachers

For the first two days, the two girls attended class as normal; waiting for a resolution from the Department of Education of the Junta de Extremadura. This took place this Tuesday. The decision was to provide education but in an isolated space away from other students.

Although the decision was based on the “right to education contained in the Constitution,” according to the Board, that did not prevent the teachers from meeting later. After several hours of debate, the teachers decided not to teach these girls while they remain isolated. Their decision has had the support of the unions and the school’s parents’ association.

The teachers allude to the fact they would be giving “private lessons” to the girls. However, they also explain that the ‘bubble groups’ established in each school would explode while the health alert for the coronavirus continues. They believe the girls expose the rest of the students, all the workers of the school and their respective families to possible contagion.

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