WHO congratulates Spain on vaccination and mask policy

by Lorraine Williamson
mask policy

MADRID – ‘Spain is doing well in response to covid-19’. That’s what Hans Kluge, Europe director of the World Health Organisation (WHO) said with regard to the vaccination approach and the policy on face masks. 

Kluge congratulated Spain on its mask policy towards the pandemic. It also expressed its appreciation for the country’s continued enforcement of masks in public indoor areas. The vaccination campaign was also complimented. At present, 78% of the population has been fully vaccinated and 90% of the population aged 12 years and older have had one dose. Kluge spoke his positive words during a bilateral meeting with Spanish Health Minister Carolina Darias. 

Lowest incidence in Europe

Spain has the lowest 14-day virus incidence in Europe, according to the latest report from the European Centre for Disease Prevention. The indicator is now at 53 points at ‘medium risk’ after a slight rise in the last few days. The daily number of deaths from Covid-19 is below 20, the best number since August 2020. 

“Spain is doing it with a culture of prudence and solid confidence despite the difficult times for Europe,” Kluge continued. The European countries that previously relaxed their restrictive measures are now thwarting a gradual increase in the number of infections. In any case, the situation is most serious in the countries with the lowest vaccination coverage, such as Romania. This country records the most deaths per million inhabitants of all 27 Member States. 

Pandemic epicentre

Kluge warned last week that Europe, along with Asia, is once again the epicentre of the pandemic. According to him, both continents account for 59% of all infections and 48% of all weekly deaths worldwide from Covid-19. ‘We are seeing an increasing trend in all age groups’, he indicated, before reiterating the reasons for this: ‘low vaccination coverage’ and ‘relaxation of measures’. Therefore, Spain´s mask policy must be adhered.

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