Three people under investigation for illegal capture of birds

by Lorraine Williamson
illegal capture of birds

ALMERIA – Three people are under investigation by the Guardia Civil for the illegal capture of birds using invisible nets.

Eighty-seven birds were found dead at two farms in the municipality of El Ejido in Almeria.

Protection of the environment

Furthermore, the crime is related to the protection of the environment and wild fauna. Specifically for the unauthorised capture of the finches (small birds).

Birds trapped

Police travelled to the farms to carry out an inspection. On arrival, they found large nets with trapped birds. Moreover, the birds included sparrows, greenfinches, and European goldfinches. 87 of them had died, but the police managed to save some, which they set free.

Cogesa Expats

Illegal capture

According to the command of the Guardia Civil of Almeria, it is recalled that these birds enjoy protection in a generic way in accordance with the bird directive 2009/147 / CE, Law 42/2007 of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, being currently prohibited their capture (art. 335 Penal Code).

Furthermore, it should be noted that the methods used for the capture (nets, glues, rubber bands, etc …) are prohibited because they are non-selective procedures. This results in the unpredictable way in which species may end up captured.

Proceedings being instructed are made available to the judicial authorities.

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