Tarifa with its laid-back hippy attitude and amazing beaches

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laid back Tarifa

CADIZ – Tarifa is a Spanish municipality in the province of Cádiz, Andalucia. It is well known worldwide for its fantastic beaches, wind, and water sports as well as its laid-back slightly hippy attitude. But what else does Tarifa have to offer?

Tarifa lies on the Costa de la Luz with the Strait of Gibraltar separating Morocco from Spain. If you are spending more than just a few days there, it is possible to visit Gibraltar or Morocco. The crossing to Morocco from the port in Tarifa takes less than one hour, and Gibraltar is within easy driving distance.

Old town

In Tarifa itself, there are various places of historical interest to visit as well as nature trails, hiking, horse riding and whale watching to mention a few.  The old town is a must-visit. The atmosphere and range of bars and restaurants are incredible.

If you are interested in the historical aspect of Tarifa, you can visit the 10th Century Castillo de Guzmán El Bueno. Also, the lesser-known Castillo Santa Catalina is also well worth a visit. You can see the 9th Century Puerta de Jerez (the gateway of Jerez). It is one of only four medieval gateways remaining.


If you want to venture a little bit out of town, (around 20k) you can visit the Baelo Claudia ruins which have been declared as a Natural Historical Monument. It is one of Andalucia´s most significant and well-preserved Roman archaeological sites.

Cogesa Expats

There are two massive Natural Reserves in Tarifa. Parque Natural del Estrecho where you can enjoy a stroll. There are hundreds of trails in the mountains north of Tarifa and along the beautiful coastlines on both sides of the peninsula, all within the Parque Natural del Estrecho. Alternatively, Parque Natural de Los Alcornocales is ideal for hiking or camping.

Natural parks

There is also the possibility to go horse-riding through Tarifa’s Natural Parks. Horse riding in Tarifa is a wonderful experience. It allows you to feel the breeze of the sea while you are galloping along its endless sandy beaches.

Enjoy both the rough Atlantic and gentler Mediterranean seas, with an incredible mountain back-drop.

Tarifa truly offers something for everyone.

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