Such were the hailstorms in Valencia

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The province of Valencia was hit by heavy hailstorms on Wednesday around 1.30 pm. The Spanish weather agency AEMET had previously issued a triple yellow alert for rain and thunder in the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón.

The hail fell mainly in the south of the Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora and in the Canal de Navarrés in the interior of the province of Valencia.

Increased to orange weather alert

In Valencia, the yellow alert was quickly raised to orange due to persistent rain, hail and thunderstorms. Videos of the hailstorm at the source of Teresa de Cofrentes (Rambla de la Argongeña) about 65 kilometres west of Xátiva have appeared on social media, such as ValènciaWeather’s ‘X’ account, where heavy hailstones fell.


Aemet reported on Wednesday afternoon that there was a lot of lightning activity in the south of the province of Valencia, with rainfall amounts of more than 40 litres per square metre in the Caroig region, inland west of Alcoy. In addition, a secondary storm extended across the central part of the province.

Impact on Valencia and surroundings

The meteorological institute also reported heavy rain at Valencia airport, with horizontal visibility reaching just 3 kilometres. The active thunderstorm line that hit the south of the province of Valencia then moved southeast to also reach Alicante with hail and very intense precipitation, Aemet said.

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