Storms coming to almost all of Spain from Monday

by Lorraine Williamson
Storms are coming

WEATHER – From Monday, heavy rain and storms will pass over Spain, resulting in lower temperatures. In several Spanish regions, code yellow applies on Monday and Tuesday due to heavy rainfall and storms. Locally, no less than 100 litres per m2 are predicted in a few days´  time.  

As predicted last Saturday, the rain will return to Spain. In some respects, however, that is not bad news. Earlier it became clear that the water resources and reservoirs in Spain are far below the usual level. 

Hurricane Larry causes wet week in Spain 

A little cooling and precipitation certainly won’t hurt in this case. This time it’s Hurricane Larry bringing a fair amount of rain with heavy Dana’s and strong winds across much of Spain. On average, up to 100 litres of water per square metre can fall locally. 

Monday start of rainy days in Spain 

From Monday, the Atlantic shower will enter the Iberian Peninsula from the west, bringing an abundance of rain in just a few days. High temperatures will persist along the Cantabrian coast despite the rain. In the rest of Spain, temperatures will drop 8 to 10 degrees in the coming days due to the arrival of rain and wind. 

Cogesa Expats

For Monday, the Spanish weather service will therefore issue code yellow for a large part of Extremadura due to rain and storms. Although the sun will still show itself locally on Monday, it will be cloudy and rainy in most of Spain. 

While rain may initially seem nice to put out the fires in the Málaga area, it could also make conditions more difficult for the firefighting services working to bring the fires under control. 

Tuesday most rain with many weather warnings 

Most of the rain will fall on Tuesday, which is also reflected in the weather warnings for several regions in Spain. Code yellow applies throughout Asturias, eastern Galicia and northern Castile and León. The same warnings apply to northern Aragon and Catalonia, Extremadura and western Andalusia. All this is because of heavy rainfall, storms, thunderstorms and strong winds. 

Most rain passed on Wednesday, but colder than usual 

On Wednesday the rain will be less heavy, but the chance of showers is still high. It will also remain cloudy and temperatures will drop a bit further. On this day only code yellow applies along the northern coastline of Spain. The Aemet forecasts clearer spells from Thursday. The weekend should put an end to a rainy and stormy week in Spain. 

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