Speculation begins on new Spanish cabinet

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Pedro Sanchez to form new cabinet

MADRID – Following Pedro Sánchez’s swearing-in as President of Spain for a new government term, speculations have begun regarding the composition of his next cabinet. It is expected to be announced over the weekend or in the coming hours.

This will again be a coalition government, this time with Sumar as the partner, not Podemos, which might remain outside the executive branch. Yolanda Díaz, the leader of Sumar, is forced to balance the aspirations of various formations in her coalition, including Podemos, Más Madrid, or Izquierda Unida.

Fewer ministries

The number of ministries will be reduced from the 22 portfolios in the previous term, as reported by sources at TVE. Sources from the PSOE headquarters indicate that due to the tense and polarised atmosphere following the amnesty agreement, the new government will have a distinctly political character.

Three certain incumbents

From PSOE, Teresa Ribera, Felix Bolaños, and María Jesús Montero will remain as ministers. Ribera, the current third vice-president, will again also be the minister of Ecological Transition and Energy, as announced by Sánchez at the beginning of the July 23 election campaign.

Nadia Calviño, the first vice-president, will remain in her position until December 8, when it will be clear whether she becomes the chair of the European Investment Bank.

The names of heavyweights from the current government are also being heard, such as Félix Bolaños, presently the minister of the Presidency, and María Jesús Montero, the Finance Minister. Another likely incumbent is Pilar Alegría, currently heading Education and also the spokesperson of PSOE, as per sources from Moncloa at TVE.

Former PSOE presidents

Among the most mentioned are also various former PSOE presidents of autonomous regions or people close to Sánchez.

Baycrest Wealth

Miquel Iceta might leave Culture but is not ruled out for another ministry, like Territorial Politics, a post he has previously held.

In any case, Sánchez will continue to rely on ministers from the PSOE in Catalonia. Sources from this party indicate to EFE that the delegate Montse Mínguez has many chances. Sánchez would also continue to count on Luis Planas in Agriculture and José Luis Escrivá, currently heading Inclusion, Social Security, and Migrations.

Other ministers from the socialist wing, such as Margarita Robles or Fernando Grande-Marlaska (two of those who have been in the government since Sánchez became prime minister in 2018), are seen as more uncertain by the consulted socialist leaders.

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For the coalition party Sumar, Yolanda Díaz would again hold the position of Minister of Labour. Moreover, she aims to retain five ministries for Sumar. Within the party, it is assumed that Mónica García, leader of Más Madrid and currently the party’s spokesperson in the Assembly of Madrid, will become the Minister of Health, replacing socialist José Miñones. Furthermore, Ernest Urtasun would replace socialist Miquel Iceta in Culture. Urtasun is the party spokesperson.

Ione Belarra from Podemos has demanded that Irene Montero remains at the head of Equality.

On behalf of IU, MEP and former party spokesperson Sira Rego could take the place of Alberto Garzón, who has already announced his departure from the government and has now shared that he is giving up the leadership of Izquierda Unida.


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