Spanish village gets new residents with rents up to 380 euros

by Lorraine Williamson

PROVINCIA DE ALBACETE – They occasionally make the news: Empty villages that want to attract new residents – preferably with children – through various measures. Moreover, the village of Letur in the Sierra del Segura in the province of Albacete is a good example. 

It is starting to live again thanks to a unique repopulation project. Cantero de Letur, a company specialising in the production of organic dairy products, has taken the initiative to build ten homes to attract qualified professionals and their families. The rental prices vary between €250 and €380 per month. The aim is to revitalise the local economy and the village’s schools. 

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Away from the stress of the city

The pandemic has led many people from urban areas to explore the countryside as a place for a fresh start. Far away from the stress of the city and being trapped in the concrete. This also includes Giuliano and Llanos. Seduced by this project, they exchanged their life in Lisbon for Letur. With a three-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son, they saw it as the perfect opportunity to be part of a close-knit community where “people help each other.” 

Cogesa Expats

New residents

Thanks to the project, the number of pupils at the local school has increased by 22%. Among the new residents are web developers, designers and lawyers. Others take advantage of the fact that they can work remotely, which adds to the attractiveness of the village. 

The director of the organic dairy company Cantero de Letur, Pablo Cuervo, was inspired by the growth of telecommuting during the pandemic to start the project. He acknowledges that the project is “economically unsustainable” due to high investment costs and low rental income. Still, he sees it as an opportunity to contribute to the local community. With 33 new residents, including 13 minors, the result has exceeded his expectations. 

Special village 

In addition, two of the new residents have opened a restaurant in the village, further contributing to the growth of the local economy. Letur is also known as “the village of water” and was declared a Historic-Artistic Complex in 1983 for its well-preserved Arab town planning. It offers a picturesque setting with its location in the Sierra de Segura. 

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