Spanish unions announce 12 new days of strike for Ryanair staff in July

by Lorraine Williamson
Ryanair days of strike

After the six previous days of strikes, the unions are still calling on the airline to change its attitude and resume negotiations on a collective agreement that includes decent working conditions for its workers under Spanish law, the strikers said in a statement. 

The Spanish unions USO and SICTPLA announced on Saturday twelve new days of strike in July for Ryanair crew members at the ten Spanish airports where the company operates. The dates are 12 to 15 July, 18 to 21 July and 25 to 28 July. 

Unión Sindical Obrera (USO) spokeswoman Laura Arrasanz has asked the Spanish government and Labour Minister Yolanda Díaz to intervene in the situation. ‘We are not third class workers’, she stressed. Therefore, the USO has called on the government to act against the Irish airline that does not respect court rulings, does not comply with the law and uses fear, coercion and threats against its workers.  

Back to the negotiating table 

Arrasanz also said the next strikes will be 24-hour days and called on all Ryanair employees in Spain to join the strike. She hoped the airline would listen to its workers and return to the negotiating table.  

So far, the strike days have led to more than 200 flights being cancelled and more than 1,000 delays in Spain. The union criticised the Irish airline for preferring to ground thousands of passengers rather than negotiate with its workers over Spanish law. 

There has been unrest in European aviation for some time.  Previously, there were aviation strikes in countries such as Belgium and Italy. The Spanish-based cabin crew of easyJet will also strike for nine days this month for higher wages. Furthermore, the British company cancelled five flights from Spain on Saturday. 

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