Spanish Police uncover violent ultra-fans plot: 20 arrested following football-related clashes

by Lorraine Williamson
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In a coordinated effort across multiple Spanish provinces, the Policia Nacional have successfully apprehended 20 individuals associated with violent ultra-fan groups linked to various football clubs.

The arrests come in the wake of a disturbing incidents in Soria, Madrid, Zaragoza, and Logroño. Clashes erupted between rival ultra-fan factions attending the CD Numancia v UE Cornellá football match on May 27th. The detained individuals are facing charges including public disorder, assault, property damage, hatred-related offenses, and involvement in criminal groups.

The incident

The violent events unfolded on the aforementioned Saturday in Soria. On the same day, approximately 60 individuals were celebrating the anniversary of the creation of one of these ultra groups. The celebrations subsequently descended into chaos. Then, a majority of participants, travelling by bus, confronted members of an opposing group near the football stadium, leading to an outbreak of violence.

Consequences and motivations

The confrontation resulted in a severe injury to one person, as projectiles were hurled and the peace was disrupted. The attack appears to be fuelled by deep-seated animosities rooted in ideological and sporting rivalries, manifesting in acts of violence. Investigators identified key groups involved in the altercation as “Orgullo Numantino,” “Ligallo Fondo Norte,” and “Guetto 28,” antagonising the “Coornehools” group.

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Hatred as a driving force

The assault, characterised as a hate crime, reflects a disturbing trend of polarisation and animosity between fan with opposing ideologies. The attackers, well-versed in the movements of their rivals, orchestrated a planned assault. Furthermore, they leveraged the anonymity of such mass actions and employed dangerous means to inflict maximum harm.

Arrests and on-going investigation

The successful joint operation by law enforcement in multiple Spanish provinces has resulted in the apprehension of 20 individuals and the investigation of three others connected to the violent incident.

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