Spanish hit series La Casa de Papel final season release date announced

by Lorraine Williamson
La Casa de Papel -

Netflix released details about the last season of La Casa de Papel on Monday. What is special is that the closing season is not launched in one go. Fans will soon be able to enjoy the last season of this Spanish series, but with a short break. 

After a long wait, Netflix comes with the details about the fifth and final season of the now world-famous series from Spain. It is remarkable that Netflix and the director have opted for a different broadcast schedule than normal. The closing season of La Casa de Papel has two release dates, which means that the season will be split in two. 

La Casa de Papel in two parts 

The first five episodes will air on Netflix from September 3, 2021. Then the fans have to wait three months because the last five episodes of an explosive end to the season will follow on December 3. 

Why a split release was chosen for the fifth season, the maker of the Spanish series is happy to explain. According to Álex Pina, the story of the protagonists of the series also consists of two parts. 

How do the charming crooks escape from the Banco de España? 

The first part shows the end of the adventure that the characters started at the beginning of Season 3. Namely the raid on the Banco de España. In the first episodes, which can be seen from September 3, it is told how the crooks manage to escape from the Spanish bank and whether everyone is able to get out of the battle unharmed. 

Focus on characters’ emotional state 

When this robbery is over, the second part of the last season follows, in which the full story of the characters of La Casa de Papel is completed. The criminals have been through a lot in recent seasons. And, as such, Álex Pina has chosen to focus in the last part on the emotional state of each character. And also how they have developed over the past period and come to terms with all the adventures – and losses. 

Netflix is ​​treating fans to a sneak preview 

Pina promises a sentimental journey in which the viewer is transported to the departure of all the characters. To thank the viewer for their patience for the long-awaited final season, Netflix released the trailer for the fifth closing season of La Casa de Papel on Monday. 

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