Spain’s entry for Eurovision Song Contest announced

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – In 2021, Spanish singer Blas Cantó will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands this year. His newly chosen song Voy a quedarme, was chosen by the Spanish public. And as a result, he hopes to be very successful. 

Spanish song Eurovision song contest “pure poetry

On Saturday evening, the Spanish singer performed his two songs Memoria and Voy a quedarme. And in the RTVE´s Destino Eurovisión program, the audience opted en masse for the latter song by Blas Cantó. Meanwhile, you can watch the official video of Spain’s entry here. Already in October 2019, the RTVE audience chose Blas Cantó as the one who would represent Spain in 2020. At that time, the song chosen was Universo.

Creative director, Marvin Dietmann, says this song is “pure poetry” and that they have opted for a minimalist stage. “All this song needs is Blas Cantó as the centrepiece that keeps the song getting bigger and bigger for the audience. We only put the singer in the spotlight. No special effects are needed for this song. ” 

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Who is the Spanish singer Blas Cantó? 

Blas Cantó Moreno is a 29-year-old pop singer from Murcia. He started singing at a young age and took part in the talent show Veo when he was 8 years old. Furthermore, a few years later he was in the pre-selection of the Junior Eurovision song contest. Also, he was in the Spanish band Auryn. But later broke through as a solo artist. His debut album Complicado was released in September 2018. 

Eurovision Song Contest again in the Netherlands 

It was intended the Eurovision song contest would take place in Rotterdam last year. Sadly the corona pandemic threw a spanner in the works. However, the Netherlands did then broadcast an alternative programme. But this yearthe Eurovision committee is determined to continue the festival on 18, 20 and 22 May. And the intention is that all artists will perform in Rotterdam Ahoy. It is not yet certain whether the public will be able to attend. In conclusion, this will depend on the developments of the corona pandemic in the coming months.


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