Spain opens third store full of culinary provocation

by Lorraine Williamson
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The culinary provocation of La Pollería is also coming to the Costa Blanca. After locations in Madrid and Valencia, Alicante will also have its own La Pollería. However, this new culinary hype in Spain only attracts customers with humour and without shame. 

The Spanish news site Informació writes on Thursday about the third location of La Pollería in Spain. Alicante will soon have the first La Pollería and is therefore looking for employees. Just like the clients of La Pollería, the new employees also need to have a good sense of humour and not suffer from shame.

Long queue for popular “Dick Waffles” 

This may sound a bit crazy, but La Pollería sells waffles in the shape of dicks that customers can “dip” in a variety of colours. And no, this is not an April fools joke. In Madrid and Valencia there have recently been long queues outside the doors of La Pollería. And the so-called “penis waffles” appear to be a real trend that is also increasingly shared on social media.

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Third culinary provocation location in Spain 

Following the success of the stores in Madrid and Valencia, La Pollería plans to open its third store in Alicante. The “pollofres” – a composition of polla (penis) and gofres (waffles) are presented on the boards outside the shops. When ordering a basic one, you will receive a penis-shaped wafer on an ice cream stick. But the real work starts with decorating the edible dicks. La Pollería offers a variety of dips and toppings to make the waffle look even tastier.

Trendy shop also sells drugs for “intimate problems” 

Not only are penis waffles sold en masse by La Pollería, this chain also sells medicines. And because nothing is what it seems at this store, there is no real medication in the jars. Instead candies are sold in medicine jars for anal pain and medication to be help suck better agains erectile sysfuntion.

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